Katie Grace Cooper is a current member of international comedy troupe Wildheart and Lyric.

Wildheart & Lyric was founded in 2011 by a group of friends in a dusty pub function room.

Each member was (and still are) working for fantastic companies such as Bureau Of Silly Ideas, Gomito, The Hurly Burly, StrangeFace, Periplum, Spymonkey, but hankered to create a new theatrical world of their own.


The company have trained and worked together in the world of Clown, Complicite, Bouffon and Commedia Del Arte to develop their unique methods of performance making.

Known for their physical comedy, fast paced storytelling and genre-defying original music, Wildheart & Lyric are all out to shock and stir their audiences with ridiculous humour, dark themes and theatrical anarchy.